Felicity Place

Our first home, on Felicity Place, was a 3 bedroom and 1.5 bath English Tudor. The house had a large living room, dining room and a great screened in porch. Karen and I closed on the house 2 weeks before our wedding and moved into the house 2 weeks after our wedding along with our daughter Sterling.

The location was 1/2 block from a park and swimming pool and about 1 block from schools. We lived in this home for 16 years and added 2 daughters, Rachel and Emily to our family.

Due to the age of the home and type of construction, the house lacked insulation and central air. Having one real bathroom between the 5 of us was a real juggling act but we made it work somehow. We added window AC’s which enabled us to make it through the hot humid summers.

As our girls grew older, the house became more challenging with regard to the bathroom. During the last few years, we saw changes in the neighborhood. Gunfire became a daily sound each evening from the park. We experienced 2 home invasions. The last one, Karen walked in as the thief fled from the house. With safety in mind, we decided to sell the house and build a new home with modern construction, more bathrooms and in a safer area.