Week 8

We spent the week just living with a few quiet walks on the beach, swimming in the various pools in the Casamar community, trying a few local restaurants and doing evening jigsaw puzzles.

Week 9

What Tide Is It?

It was a lovely day for a walk along the shore. We decided to head to a far-off point about 5 miles away taking time out to enjoy the scenery. About 3 miles into our hike, we crossed a river by wading through the water which was only 18” deep. We weren’t concerned, as we followed behind some young children who forded the river ahead of us. About 2.5 miles farther down the beach, we reached the point and gazed around it to see miles of beach and a few high-rise buildings off in the distance.

We decided it was time to head back. As we neared the river, we could see that the ocean tide was rising as the beach was much narrower. The spot we used to cross the river appeared to be much deeper than before due to the rising tide. We decided to look for another place to cross and found a narrow spot some 400 yards upstream. Karen took the lead and after 4 steps hit a drop off and swam for the other bank. I followed her and waded across with our cell phones above my head. The water was about shoulder high before I climbed up the riverbank. As we walked back to the beach, we saw the same children cross the stream in the original spot which was less than 3 feet deep.

We quickened our pace because we knew there were 3 points that would be impassible during high tide. We passed the first point with no problem but when we neared the second point, we could see the waves hitting the rocks with enough force to throw water up into the air. As we looked back we could see the beach narrowing to a sliver. We saw an outcropping of rocks at the base of a cliff that would be high ground in the rising tide. We made haste to the outcropping and climbed.

As we sat watching the ocean as all traces of the beach disappeared. About 2 hours later the water hit the cliffs with thundering force but we stayed safe and dry. In total we waited about 4 hours for the tide to recede before we started the final journey toward home. As dusk approached we made it around the next point in waist deep water with Karen holding onto my arm for stability. When we got back to the beach darkness fell. We used our cellphone flashlights to help us navigate the beach and through rocks.

The second point was navigated easily with water only knee high. But when we reached the final point the water was deeper and angry. We made the decision to push on but only about 30 yards around the point, Karen fell and as each wave hit the cliff, it pushed Karen back and forth. I helped her to her feet and after a minute we started off again with Karen holding onto my waist. After a few steps, she slipped on a rock and splash we were both in the water. After more jostling by the waves, we regained our footing and headed for more shallow water and the beach. However, somewhere out there were our elevator fob, house keys and Karen’s cane.

We were both at our breaking point by then and I fussed about the keys which was in hindsight kind of stupid. We were both safe and that is the most important thing.

After calling our landlord, he gave us the lockbox code for the second key and a security guard took us up the elevator with his fob.

After a hot shower and a couple cocktails, we settled down and I made peace for my earlier fussing. Some peroxide and Neosporin helped my scrapes.

King Neptune

The ocean, while beautiful, has unimaginable power. On this day King Neptune took mercy on us.

The high tide along this stretch of beach can vary during the month ranging from 11’to 17’. We encountered a 16’ tide which is why the beach disappeared and the water was so forceful. We were blessed to have climbed the rocks when we did or there would have been no protection from the ocean. God was looking out for us!

Lesson learnedTake water with you and always check the tide charts!

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