Altos Del Maria – Panama

We took a mini trip to Altos Del Maria which is only about an hour from Coronado.

Altos Del Maria is a beautiful mountainous region located in Panama Oeste (West). This drive was by far our most challenging yet due to the steep mountain roads. When you have such amazing vistas, the steep terrain is a prerequisite. The area is known for its stunning vistas, hiking trails, and waterfalls. Visitors can take guided tours of the refuge or explore on their own.

We decided to explore on our own. We hiked and experienced breathtaking views of the surrounding waterfalls, swimming holes, flora, mountains, and valleys. Altos Del Maria is home to several waterfalls, including the El Chorro Falls and the El Salto Falls. The environment is perfect for relaxing in the cool temperatures of the higher elevations with views of the Pacific beaches.

The development is unlike any other we have seen anywhere. Flowers and fruit trees bloom year-round. Altos Del Maria is a privately owned gated community that you cannot enter without an invitation from a resident. However, there are now several B&B’s that you can book. This gives you access to nineteen well maintained trails that are free to explore.