Journey to Minimalism

Our life has been one of pursuing the American Dream. We worked hard, raised a family. We built careers and along the way purchased our starter home, our mid-career home, and our empty nester condo. When we decided to prepare for retirement, we reduced again by selling the condo and renting a one-bedroom apartment. Our life has transitioned from one of working many hours per week, volunteering, and acquisition (consumerism). We are now retired and transitioning to owning less, traveling more frequently and living a simpler life.

By eliminating houses and the stuff that filled them, the cars, the insurance, upkeep, utilities and etcetera we uncovered the benefit of more time, reduced stress and newfound freedom. We are purposefully applying the resources we regained toward new activities.

The submenu items under Journey to Minimalism represent our life in pursuit of the American Dream. While we lived a middle class lifestyle, we decided to cast off in search of new and different cultures, cuisines, sites and experiences.

I doubt that we will ever reach true minimalism but it as you will see, we took only what we could carry as we boarded for our flight to Panama

Whatever your dreams are, pursue them.