Week 2 – Venturing out & condo tour


  • Market day
  • Walked around the area near the condo
  • Lost $5.00 at a Casino
  • Date to visit Coronado, Gorgona and San Carlos was moved from Thursday to tomorrow due to concerns about a potential blockage of the Pan American Highway by people protesting high prices for staples, medicine and gasoline


  • Up early and ready for travel.
  • Darrius was the planned driver but his wife Joanna arrived instead to drive us 2 hours to meet with Brock our tour guide and David our real estate agent.
    • During our private tour we saw the area, visit restaurants, shopping, medical, and groceries.
    • We also visited 3 furnished high-rise condos.
    • Brock informed me that my 10.5 shoe size would be hard to find in Panama and Payless would be my best bet. Apparently, Panamanian men have smaller feet than US guys. Who knew?!
      • Features:
        • Rent terms 9-12 months (September 1)
        • Fully equipped kitchen
        • 1-2 Bedroom / 2 bath
        • Beach front or ocean view
        • Balcony w/ Furniture & BBQ Grill
        • Washer/Dryer in unit
        • Pool(s)
        • Restaurant
        • Private beach
    • We took a Coaster Bus (25 seat local bus) from Rio Hato to the Grand Terminal located at the Albrook Mall in Panama City.
      –> As of July 2022 the Albrook Mall was the 25th largest mall in the world and second largest in the Americas.
      • The bus had local flavor with Latin music (Karen thinks she was sitting on the subwoofer as her booty was bumping to the beat!)
      • Stopped every few minutes with people unloading and loading
      • No hablo Ingles
      • $6 per person – unbelievable!


  • Pool day
  • Thai restaurant (Best Pad Thai we’ve had in a long time)


  • Walk 1 mile to the MultiPlaza Mall for banking and groceries
  • Stopped by the open-air fresh market for vegetables
  • Craig worked on WordPress
    • GoDaddy hosted site was way too slow to edit
    • Frustration builds…
      • Set up a local WordPress development site on my Synology NAS.
      • Retyped everything


  • Karen visits the pool
  • Craig attempts to port development site to GoDaddy hosted site
    • Tried 3 different approaches unsuccessfully
    • Deep in the weeds now…
    • After 5 hours, I called tech support with no luck
  • Cocktail time


  • Deleted GoDaddy hosted site and started fresh with small template and no plugins
  • Copy and pasted content from the Synology development site
  • Editing is much faster now
  • Cocktail time

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